This episode we look at a tall, muscular hirsute comic book hero jumping from the page to the big screen! Portrayed by a not so tall, not so muscular, and not so hirsute actor.


So listen in as I talk to Executive Producer Michael Uslan, and professional Bat fan Bill Ramey, about the casting decision that would see over 50,000 angry letters flood in to Warner Brothers Pictures.

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We also take a walk down memory lane to when a small boy saw his parents gunned down in front of him… and so he took up a gun, too, and started blasting criminals away, inspired by hero-of-the-day The Shadow.





And we learn about the many difficulties that the film makers faced in bringing The Dark Knight Detective to the silver screen.


The Guests


Michael Uslan is a film producer best known for producing every Batman movie since 1989. His list of credits are impressive and voluminous, so take a look at his imdb page.

But it is his book, The Boy Who Loved Batman, where you can really get a sense of his long and strong relationship with the character. Find it on Amazon!



Bill “Jett” Ramey is the founder and Editor-In-Chief of Batman On Film, a website with a long history of banging the drum for quality Batman movies. Over the years Jett has inspired and provoked, all in the name of the Bat, and even got to visit movie sets during Chris Nolan’s tenure as Bat-Director.

Check out his website for all the Bat news you need, as well as podcasts, videos, reviews, and more.


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