Imagery is everywhere, trying to tell us something, sell us something, or make us feel something. So this episode we look at graffiti, contentious as it always is, and how we feel about having someone else’s perception of art forced into the public space.




And then we move onto the most controversial T-shirt of all time – the loved and reviled ‘Vestal Masturbation’ shirt, from legendary British Black Metal band Cradle of Filth.


So listen in as I talk to the band’s front man, Dani Filth, about the history of the shirt, what happened, and what he really feels about it.

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The Guests


Dani Filth is the front man for Cradle of Filth. Since 1991 the band has been producing sonic battery of the highest order, and getting into scrapes along the way.

Their latest album, Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay, is out now on Nuclear Blast records, and can be found on




And Google Play

As well as on Amazon



DSDb7KtWsAE1W_LTizer is a street artist active in London. You can find a lot of his work on his Instagram page

And why not just go for a wander in London and see what you see!

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